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Melody masters strategic communications and bridge-building.

For government, non-government and corporate entities. 

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Middle East Affairs

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European-Israeli relations






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Born and raised in Germany, Melody moved to Israel when she was 19.  Two university degrees later, Melody won “The Ambassador” – a popular Israeli TV competition detecting the country's highest-level diplomatic, political and rhetoric performer in international missions. Melody spent one year representing Israel as good will ambassador in Europe and the US. She has been a known public diplomacy voice for Israel ever since, leading numerous strategic initiatives to strengthen Israeli-European ties. Her core focus: Middle East, German-Israeli relations, anti-Semitism, anti-Zionism and radical Islam. 

Most recently, Melody worked with Israel’s Alternate Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Benny Gantz’s during two successful political campaigns, as foreign affairs adviser and international spokesperson.

Melody is a former foreign affairs adviser and international spokesperson for Israel's former Minister of Defense, Benny Gantz.

She is also a former director of the German-Israel Congress, Europe’s largest bilateral event with 3000 participants, aimed at enhancing strategic ties between Israel and Germany. She previously acted as strategic advisor for international relations to late President Shimon Peres’ NGO, The Peres Center for Peace.

Melody is a frequent guest in political talkshows dealing with Middle East affairs. She also speaks at and moderates international conferences and events. 


Melody holds a Bachelor (s.c.l.) in Sociology, Anthropology, Military & Strategy, an M.Sc. in Management, specializing in Organizational Behavior, as well as a PhD from King's College in London. Her dissertation is a study of  deradicalization processes undergone by former Islamist extremists.

Melody is an honorary patron of Germany's "Testimony of the Testimonials" Holocaust Remembrance NGO, Advisory Board member at Israel's "All Israel News", a Christian news platform. She's also an Advisory Board member of ILI - I Like Israel, Germany's largest pro-Israel infrastructure, and a member of The Munich Security Conference's Young Leaders Network. 



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